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Door County.

I had enough.

I was tired of this psuedo-love. Where we were spoiled beyond our means but never taught the fundamentals of life. We lived in a fantasy world, built by the delusions of an old man.

He was never here. Working day in and day out. Hour after hour. Coming home past bedtime and leaving before dawn. Occasionally he would be home for dinner, but it was only moments before he retreated into his room. It never made sense, the long hours never seemed to help the poverty we were in.

Everyday he drove to the richest parts of the city, it was always within our grasp but never ours to hold.

She deserved better, it was too late for me. As we turned through the winding streets of the forest preserve, I let the monster unleash. Briefly remembering another time my dad was behind the wheel during a fight.

I almost stopped. Except I couldn’t, this needed to be said. I needed to tell him every horrible feeling I felt. I let go.

We were never the same again.

This piece was edited from a prompt I received in creative writing, I hope you enjoyed it.