The blog of the highly opinionated Sgt. Octopus


My name is Stevie and around the internet I am known for not being an octopus. I am a 20 year old college student who spends way too much time on the internet. When I grow up I want to be an author of young adult literature or a librarian. Give me tea and books and I’ll be your bestest friend.

Review Policy

I reserve the right to stop reading any book at any time and still post a review on what I read. It is my opinion that if an author cannot catch my attention within the first couple pages then either the book is not for me or it isn’t very good. I will be fair to the author in my review and I will be clear as to the reasoning behind why I stopped reading.

I do accept review requests, from anyone really. I tend to not pick out books intended for any one audience, I seek out the unique stories in the world. I rarely like a book that is a copy cat (if its comparable to Twilight theres very little chance I’ll like it) or has a big romance plot (I like my romance in subplot form, if any). I like adventure, most of all, and great characters.

If you think I’ll like your book or if you know of a book I’ll like, let me know!

The Scale

I use a five star rating for everything, it’s simple, memorable and overall anyone can understand it. There’s really no direct rhyme or reasoning behind the rating that is given, however, here’s a general explanation as to what they mean:

1 Star – “The Unfinished”: I rarely feel I can give anything I didn’t finish more than one star, so if I walked away from it before it was done, that’s really all the stars it deserves.

2 Stars – “The Torturous”: I finished it but it was a battle, often these are the things I walk away from for hours or months because I just couldn’t decide if it was worth finishing.

3 Stars – “The Okay”: Yeah, I liked it but I probably wouldn’t touch it again. (This is really the only rating that tends to flip flop)

4 Stars – “The Epic”: I absolutely loved it, it is here that things start getting recommended. I enjoyed it, I would want to experience it again and I think the world needs to hear more about it.

5 Stars – “The Favorites”: This is the rarest rating of them all, it’s reserved for the things that become stables in my life. These are the things that capture my imagination, make me want to have adventures and become a greater writer.


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